Tuokexun (Toksun) Tulufan Prefecture
Xinjiang, Uygur region, China
6.8 x 5.9 CM (cabinet)
price: $600

A very unusual and attractive Wulfenite of exceptional delicacy. This is an unusual habit for this find (and almost all wulfenite localities) that is a little like some older San Fransisco Mine and Tiger pieces, but not quite. This habit has irregular shaped blades with thin, tapered edges and seem to be complexly recrystalized and so seem very rounded and less geometric. The crystals are insanely thin sometimes thinner than a piece of paper. Consequentially there is edge damage in many areas, and some breakage but many of the larger crystals are relatively good and complete. For this ultra delicate style this is the best condition example I have seen, it A good piece for the collector who seeks the unusual and can accept some damage.