Manganodolomite with Fluorite, Pyrite and Quartz
Shangbao Pyrite Mine, Leiyang
Hunan, China
12.2 x 8.5 CM (cabinet)
price: $190

A big, colorful and unusual piece from Shangbao. I purchased a small lot of these at the mine in China in 2003, and I now wish I had bought many more, I have not seen any others since. Nice sharp pink rhombs reach 2.4 CM and are scattered on a bright sparkling Fluorite matrix composed of modified cubes (typical form at Shangbao). These are gemmy in some areas, lightly frosted in others and quite attractive everywhere. Minor quartz and pyrite are present too. Displays well from several angles, we took this back in trade and are able to offer it at the old 2003 price!