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Fluorite (modified cubes)
stock #7 JF-115
Mina la Viesca, La Collada
Asturias, Spain
10.6 X 6 CM (cabinet)
price: $300

Fine and damage free cabinet of rich violet fluorites showing several types of modifications. Overall this is an attractive and clean piece and the main crystals are all pristine. There are some neat structures where the cubes have stacked geometrically. A super value on a very good Spanish Fluorite likely found about 1960.
stock #7 AZ-117
Copper Queen Mine , Cochise county, Bisbee
Arizona, United States
10x10x 4.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $4000

A superb, classic locality piece with fantastic esthetics and rich color. This is essentially all Azurite with a tiny bit of malachite on the reverse side, and numerous micro crystals several of the classic species the locality is famous for. This specimen is composed of well crystallized Azurite in several habits up to 1 CM in size. This stands without aid and is very 3 dimensional. The condition is exceptional as this example is clearly very old, likely from the heyday of the mine in the later 1800's. Rare to find in this condition and quality !
stock #7-BW-211
Graves Mt., Lincoln Co.
Georgia, United States
6.8 x 5.4 s 5.0 CM (cabinet)
price: $375

A big, doubly terminated crystal from Americas great Rutile locale, Graves Mt. This shows two distinctly different termination forms and has good luster. There are substantial contacts on the piece some with minor muscovite ( a common occurence here) in the faces, but the large size and unusual form are what makes this piece a good one.
19 specimens found
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