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35 specimens found
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Barite w. Fluorite & Pyrite
stock #ALEC-10-846
Niobec Mine, St Honore
Quebec, Canada
8.1 x 2.4 x 1.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $250
May 2015

A single chisel tip Barite crystal partly jacketed in Fluorite (uncommon on these), Calcite and Pyrite crystals. Translucent, with some color zoning and a rosy core, this is a sharp example from this famed find. The Fluorites are not often seen on the Niobec Barites, these are gemmy and colorless but the pyrite adds a yellow hue to some. Nearly all of these have broken terminations as they grew on the roof of the pocket and fell off long ago. This one is nearly perfect, a slight cleave is noted on the tip as the only issue.
Vuagnatite and McGuinnessite (type locality)
stock #ALEC-10-938
Red Mountain, Mendocino County
California, United States
9.8 x 6.2 x 3.1 CM (cabinet)
price: $330
May 2015

A sizable matrix densely covered with white to colorless Vuagnatite crystals and contrasting McGuinnessite in green spheres. Vuagnatite is a rare mineral discovered in 1975, and McGuinnessite is very rare, discovered in 1981. This is from the type locale for Mcguinnessite, and is a very good specimen of both species. This could easily yield several fine thumbnails if trimmed out. Very good color and bright sparkling luster make this an unusually attractive rarity.
SOLD Spodumene v. Hiddenite doubly terminated classic
stock #SOLD 13.1-081
North Carolina, United States
2.3 x .7 x .4 CM (miniature)
price: $0
May 2015

Intense green gem clear and beautify etched Real Hiddenite (Spodumene from Hiddenite) NC. One of the rarest and most desirable sorts of gem Spodumene, the area at Hiddenite is unique as the source of these remarkable, color stable crystals. This example is undamaged, facet grade, nearly a full floater (a micro tiny shard of matrix is on one end) and has top color. An American classic and a very strong display grade thumbnail.
35 specimens found
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