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After dabbling in Filmmaking, Kevin Downey began his real photographic career shooting in caves and caverns for occasional magazine and book projects. Using homemade lighting devices and very basic materials his results evolved to become well regarded and award winning. Assignments became more diverse as his lighting techniques were seen as innovative and his perspectives different. Increasing fascinated with light, image manipulation and finding creative outlets, Kevin studied at and assisted in several top commercial studios. Kevin also spent several years as owner/operator of Com Color Photographics and Imaging, a well respected commercial photo lab based in Springfield, Massachusetts. From that background Kevin refined his direction concentrating on the creative challenges for a very diverse clientele.

As the "digital revolution" brought new tools to Photographic Arts he began a long process of serious study, experimentation and development. Increasingly working with complex commercial projects Kevin's studio began to expand into diverse aspects of photographic services, eventually becoming Lascaux Digital Studios. A small studio by some standards, the Lascaux team provides creative service and quality rarely found outside major cities, and works comfortably with small firms and major corporate clients. The phrase "providing the fine art of commercial imaging" is the core of the studios' approach.

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Kevin Downey PhotographyLascaux Digital Studios      221 Pine Street, Studio 254, Florence, MA 01062
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