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Facilities and Capabilities

We work from one of the best equipped studios in New England, with full high end digital systems and full traditional photo/ film capabilities. One of the regions best hidden assets, Lascaux digital / Kevin Downey Photography is located in the Arts and Industry Building (a former toothbrush factory) in the Florence section of Northampton. We offer open studio shooting space of 2,400 square feet, hardwood floors, 15.5 foot ceilings, lots of secure storage and easy access loading docks. The studio is designed for efficiency, comfort, flexibility, and technical excellence. Two large workshop areas for set construction, painting and project prep allows lots of extra efficiency. Studio areas include clean dressing room, comfortable work zones for clients, 10 linked Macintosh computers and a state of the art inventory of first class optics, lighting and grip equipment. We utilize Sinar large format digital capture are are fully compatible with Scitex (Creo) workflow, color management and pre press systems. We have 3 different press proofing systems in house, Iris, Fuji Pictroproof press match, and epson color match. Extensive props selections, large inventory of backgrounds and set materials offers lots of easy and creative choices for anything you can imagine.

Our clients are also able to avail themselves of the justly famous array of Northamptons' restaurants and amenities, we are happy to host excellent meals and lodging as needed ! For clients who do not need or wish to be on set with us, we offer DSL and courier service delivery of finished materials, worldwide. For those who require traditional film based services our studio is fully set up in all formats including 8x10 and 11x14, offers q-lab quality processing and have high end scanners (including drum scanners) for total control and fast turn around.

As a fully outfitted studio we do not depend on rental equipment or need to make do with substitution gear. For clients, this represents both savings on rental fees and ensures efficient technical excellence for the most demanding needs. All of our equipment is also ready to travel as needed, our location services have a reputation for top results even under less that ideal conditions.

All the best equipment and facilities are useless without skilled, creative and dedicated folks to make magic. We care about the success of every project no matter the size. Excellent photography does not have to be expensive, problematic or boring and it certainly can be fun!

In addition to a full range of photographic studio services we provide a full set of follow up services in house. Fantastic digital retouching, photoshop wizardry and making files press ready is routine. We also make large format display prints and duratrans for trade shows and permanent installations. Also less common services such as film recording, digital archiving, multi media support and short run fast printing is provided in the studio. This flexibility really helps savings, convenience, speed and quality control!

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