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Rhodochrosite - large triangonal habit crystal
stock #24.1-185
Wutong Mine, Liubao, Cangwu Co. Wuzoh Pref.
Guangxi Province, China
6.7 x 5.4 x .7 CM (cabinet)
price: $990

Very sharp, complete with a rich color. a triangular form crystal that is in fine condition. This form of Rhodochrosite is quite uncommon and was best known in far smaller crystals from the famed Mont Saint-Hilaire. This is however a huge crystal from the 2005-6 finds in China from a limited zone that produced some large flat crystals. Unlike most in the find, this one is complete and undamaged on all the edges and seems to be a floater. Complex small steps and faces are noted on the flat sides and edges, probably the result of dissolution and re-crystallization cycles. Several localities worldwide do have flat habit Rhodochrosites which are very different from the scalenohedral and rhomb crystals that are more typical. However those specimens from most localities are not very distinct as to crystal form, they are rounded much like flat nearly circular disks. This is a very fine exception to the rule, a full sharp triangle.

Rhodochrosite - unusual locality
stock #24.1-180
Olpe, Arnsberg
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
2.4 x 1.7x 1.2 CM (thumbnail)
price: $280

Small but well-formed scalenohedral crystals with good pink-red color form a druse on matrix. I have never seen another Rhodochrosite from this locality but it is listed as a specie found there by Mindat, though there are no photos of examples. The mines in this site are quite sizable and produce Barite as well as Lead and Zinc. Several Manganese minerals are noted as well. We can not find any published examples from this mine and only two examples from all of Arnsberg are on Mindat, so it is safe to say it is a fairly rare occurrence. A nice thumbnail and a good addition to a German collection or a Rhodochrosite suite.

Rhodochrosite with Aegirine
stock #23.1-727
Mont Saint-Hilaire, Monteregie
Quebec, Canada
2.8 x 2.7 x 2.4 CM (small miniature/ large thumbnail (toenail))
price: $180
Pre Tucson

Rhodochrosite crystals clustered with a few slender Aegirine piecing the flat Rhombs. Classic form from Mt St. Hilaire showing the triangular shapes and flattened rhombs that are well-known from this amazing mine. I very good condition, no eye-visible damage and really no matrix either.

stock #10.1-208
Uchucchacua Mine, Oyon Province
Lima Department, Peru
6.7 x 4.9 x 2.5 CM (cabinet)
price: $440
Pre Tucson

A nice bright rosy-pink to red Rhodo specimen of stacked and complex clusters of rhomb form crystals. The matrix is the classic dark Sulfide ore and the contrast is excellent. Overall in excellent condition no damage is seen by naked eye (mine) and at 10x magnification there is very little to find. A few crystals reach 6-7 MM in size and most have a stepped or twisted habit on close exam. A colorful and still affordable Rhodo.

Rhodochrosite with Elpidite etc.
stock #23.1-151
Mont Saint-Hilaire, Monteregie
Quebec, Canada
3.7 x 2.6 x 3.2 CM (small miniature/ large thumbnail (toenail))
price: $690

A superb small miniature or "toenail" with a sharp triagonal Rhodochrosite perched on top. In excellent condition the Rhodo is the classic form from Mont St. Hilaire, and has the triagonal center hopper in the center of the largest crystal. Lots of additional micro crystals and species are on the specimen but the Rhodochrosite is really the dominant focal point, it is 2.2 CM across and has very good color. What looks like chipping or damage on a top edge is actually well crystalized with tiny step faces. The Rhodochrosites of Mt St Hilaire took several forms but the triagonal crystals are still the most distinctive and are incredibly rare at all other localities. This specimen was found more than 30 years ago, they were never common and there is nothing now. Classic and esthetic!

Rhodochrosite - classic German specimen
stock #23.1-341-(D543)
Wolf Mine, Daaden-Herdorf, Altenkirchen
Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
10.4 x 8.3 x 5.2 CM (cabinet)
price: $1350
Spring 23

A big, blocky dark matrix with an open cavity of contrasting bright Rhodochrosite crystals. These Rhodos are all scalenohedral and transparent, with glassy luster. Most crystals are quite perfect and complete but a few do have cleaves though not very easily seen. Classic old material ,this piece from the collection of the Delaware University Mineral Museum. The largest crystals are just under 1 CM in size, the color is an orange-red which stands out from the nearly black matrix. For many years the world's best locality of Rhodochrosite was the Wolf Mine. That is however no longer the case but these are still highly respected, easily the best Rhodos from Europe, and actually quite rare in this quality.

Rhodocrosite - stalactite slice with radiating crystal form.
stock #23.1-358
Capillitas Mine, Andagala
Catamarca, Argentina
2.6 x 2.4 x .3 CM (small miniature/ large thumbnail (toenail))
price: $110
Spring 23

A small slab section of Rhodochrosite stalactite with good red color and complete all around. This shows the radiating crystal structure or flower-like form and not the usual "bullseye". Looks fine on both sides, this is from the famed Capillitas (Argentina) which is the only place in the world where such things are found.

Rhodochrosite pseudo after Barite crystals
stock #8.AE-777
Manuelita Mine, Morococha District, Yauli Province
Junin Department, Peru
11.1 x 11.3 x 3.7 CM (cabinet)
price: $700
Spring 23

An attractive and really unusual Rhodochrosite from this interesting mine in Peru, in a small find more than 20 years ago, rather different in style from the other Rhodos found there. The matrix is like a layer cake of Sulfides and Rhodo with the top layer well-crystalized. This shows well the shape of the original prismatic Barite crystals some of which are standing on edge. There are also a few "cylinders" or tubes which are noted in this find. The Barite is completely replaced, this is now all Rhodochrosite with the outer surface composed of tiny, sparkly crystals. The color on this specimen is more vibrant and redder than other pseudomorphs I have seen, an attractive piece.