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stock #AX-29-113
Mina Ojuela, Mapimi
Durango, Mexico
8.2 x 5.2 x 4.5 CM (cabinet)
price: $700
pre Tucson 2015 update

An eye popping Adamite composed mostly of "pinwheel" habit crystal aggregates on contrasting matrix. Fine luster and in excellent condition damage-wise, this has good esthetic and colorful presentation. The matrix is a mix of botryoidal Goethite and tiny Adamite crystals. The red color on some pinwheels seems to be from Fe oxides on and in the green and yellowish Adamites. Better Ojuela Adamites (which are the best in the world) have gotten quite hard to get at a reasonable price, this one is far better than average and a very good value.

Pyromorphite - large crystals, classic
stock #15.1-059
Bernkastel-Kues (Mosel) Hunsruck
Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
4 x 3.1 x 3.1 CM (miniature)
price: $890
pre Tucson 2015 update

A classic Pyromorphite from the very famous old locale of Bernkastel (Mosel) that produced the sought after Galena pseudomorphs after Pyromorphite. This is mostly unaltered Pyromorphite with the largest barrel shaped crystal 2.5 CM across. While black coatings and other alterations are noted, the Pyromorphite is mostly olive green and yellowish. There is some chipping as nearly all of these have but it is small and for some quite forgivable as this was probably collected well over 150 years ago. These are now quite rare in any condition.

Grossular gem grade with included Clinochlore
stock #17.AL-487
Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos
Quebec, Canada
2 x 1.6 x 1.4 CM (thumbnail)
price: $850
pre Tucson 2015 update

A pretty and fine specimen that is a rather hard to describe and to photograph. A cluster of transparent garnets with a tiny bit of matrix. It is easy to see the matrix through the clear Grossular, and with magnification individual crystals of Clinochlore and what looks like Diopside can be seen inside the crystals. Undamaged, clear and with very, very glassy luster, this has outstanding deep color and is far better in person.

Diopside (gem clear) with green Vesuvianite
stock #17.AL-490
Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos
Quebec, Canada
5.3 x 3.9 x 4.1 (cabinet)
price: $1950
pre Tucson 2015 update

A killer quality gem clear Diopside cluster with a light sherry color is perched on a contrasting matrix of white Diopside and bright green Vesuvianite. In outstanding condition this has fine eye-catching esthetics, showing the tabular crystals in a perfect stack. Good Diopside from this locale is sought after, these are very uncommon in such quality and condition as they are fragile. An excellent addition to any suite from Jeffrey Mine and a a fine Diopside from any place

stock #17.AL-493
Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos
Quebec, Canada
2.9 x 2.2 x 2.4 CM (small miniature/ large thumbnail (toenail))
price: $650
pre Tucson 2015 update

A really attractive piece with an unusual composition. A small "mountain" of tiny Vesuvianite crystals (mixed green, purple and pink) are the base for a single gem clear crystal jutting out of the summit. A bright, high luster piece that is unlike any other we have seen. In very good condition, a few crystals show some breaks that recrystallized. Micro level chips exist that are not seen without magnification. The summit crystal is especially clear and perfect. This is the kind of specimen that helped make this closed mine a world classic.

stock #17.AL-485
Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos
Quebec, Canada
2.5 x 1.7 x 2 CM (thumbnail)
price: $1250
pre Tucson 2015 update

Brilliant form and esthetics, this is gemmy Vesuvianite of top quality, would make a fine competition thumbnail. The transparent green crystals are far more glassy in person, and the arrangement of radiating prisms is very organic looking. The display impact for the size is remarkable.

stock #AX-30-029
Andrembesoa Commune
Betafo Dist - Vakinankaratra Rgn -Antananarivo Province, Madagascar
4.5 x 1.8 x 1.3 CM (miniature)
price: $1600
pre Tucson 2015 update

An older Madagascar Liddicoatite, this is a fine gemmy clear zoned crystal with exceptional luster. No damage at all, the crystal shows excellent dichroism, the color shift goes between a green hue and yellow. Better in person the color zoning is quite unusual too.

Elbaite - ex Herb Obodda collection
stock #AX-30-020
Mawi Pegmatite
Nuristan, Afghanistan
3.8 x .7 x .7 CM (miniature)
price: $1200
pre Tucson 2015 update

Superb. A sharp, gem clear multi-colored Tourmaline crystal in perfect condition from the early finds in Afghanistan. Not much else to say, the photos show it well. This quality is now very rare and hard to find at any price. The central green zone is a rich vivid color, not like the pastel hue that was typical from later finds in Paprok. Far better in person.