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Galena pseudo after Pyromorphite (classic German)
stock #21.1-535
Kautenbach, Traben-Trarbach, Hunsruck
Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
2.3 x 2.2 x 2 CM (thumbnail)
price: $280

One of the mineral world's great classic pseudomorphs are the Hexagonal Pyromorphite crystals from Kautenbach that are replaced by Galena. These are all very old, vintage specimen most having been collected more than 150 years ago. These are also usually quite expensive and not many are seen in thumbnail size. This is a much more affordable specimen than any we have ever seen offered. We must note this is small and not super perfect, there are some edge chips and rough spots but it does show the desirable form and habit of this venerable mine. A good opportunity to have a fair example of this classic for an unusually good price.

Millerite on Galena - classic German
stock #15.1-537
Pfaffenberg Mine, Neudorf, Harzgerode, Harz Mts.
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
11.9 x 9.6 x 6.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $650

A large crystalline mass of Galena is host to several cavities filled with brassy Millerite needles. A fine old German specimen from the Pfaffenberg Mine which is best known as a classic source of Galena, and rarely of Millerite. A druse of Quartz adds some contrast and sparkle as well, but the real attraction is the nests of radiating Millerites on several faces of the matrix. This mine was operated for Iron and was a major operation by the mid 1800's, though mining in the zone can be traced as far back as 1400. This was operated until 1962, the Millerites from here are uncommon on the market and are German classics.

Bournonite - huge crystal, antique, classic German
stock #20-FC-047-(9148)
Georg Mine, Willroth, Altenkirchen
Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
6.4 x 5.7 x 1.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $1550

A major, important antique German Bournonite in a large single crystal. Certainly not pretty but reputed to be the the biggest known single crystal from this famed locale and possibly the largest single crystal from all of Germany. This is also quite sharp for the size at the locale. Over 6 CM across, this is a flat tabular habit as is typical from the Georg Mine. Rather crude in some areas but very sharp in others, it has a few contacts but overall is quite distinct as seen. The vintage Boubée label dates this to late 1800's to early 1900 era, so collected at least over 100 years ago, likely much older. Some faces show an interesting metallic patina and in person there is a fine "gunmetal" luster in spots.

Bournonite with Siderite on Quartz - classic German
stock #20.1-896-(ZS-BRN4125)
Pfaffenberg Mine, Neudorf, Harzgerode, Harz Mts.
Saxony- Anhalt, Germany
2.6 x 2.1 x 2.2 CM (thumbnail)
price: $480

A superb classic thumbnail specimen from the famed Neudorf area, best known for world-class Galenas and rarely some great Bournonites. In flawless undamaged condition. These Bournonites are bright, lustrous metallic crystals on a matrix of sparkling white Quartz that is also the host for fine Siderite crystals. This can be displayed in several orientations, it is almost impossible to find a choice thumbnail like this from Neudorff today. A few earlier labels are included, this sort of specimen is certainly very old.

Fluorite with Siderite - vintage German specimen
stock #21.1-200
Rottleberode, Sudharz, Mansfeld-Sudharz
Saxony- Anhalt, Germany
6.2 x 5 x 3.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $300
Late Summer 2021

Blue-green Fluorite crystals reaching 3.3 CM with several distinct Siderite crystals on and between the Fluorites. A nice old German piece with labels from A. Kranz and another earlier collection, this is in very good condition overall. This locality was worked for a very long time and finally closed about thirty years ago, though we believe this specimen is at least 100 years old. The Siderites are in well-formed lath type crystals and show curved faces much like Dolomites. A classic piece from the southern Harz Mountains, we rarely see specimens from this locale here in the USA, this one is well better than average.

SOLD Wavellite - classic German locale
stock #SOLD 21.1-270
Frankenberg, Mittlesachsen
Saxony, Germany
8.2 x 8.3 x 3.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $0
Early summer 2021

Quite old German specimen of Wavellite spheres on slate matrix. The balls of Wavellite are up to 1.4 CM across are translucent and most have a amber brown color. A few broken spheres show the radial structures well and the color of those is a golden greenish hue. A few tiny spheres are nearly black as well. This is a choice piece that has been in the USA for over 60 years, (ex TL Baskin and Dick Hauck with old labels) but is probably far older. The slate outcrops of the Langenstriegis were productive in the mid to late 1800's and these classics are almost never seen on this side of the Atlantic.

Pyrargyrite with Acanthite - classic
stock #20-FC-030-(9124)
Freiberg District, Mittlesachsen
Saxony, Germany
3 x 2.4 x 1.9 CM (thumbnail)
price: $580
Early summer 2021

A lustrous but dark cluster of well-formed textbook crystals of Pyrargyrite associated with some Acanthite on a little Quartz matrix. Under strong lighting or with magnification the ruby-red reflections and highlights are seen and there are some translucent areas as well. This is a complex piece in that nearly every side has some attractive crystals and it is hard to pick a "best view". An older specimen from a very classic locality where silver was mined since the 1300's.

Cerussite - fine classic German
stock #0030-JM-180
Freiberg District, Mittlesachsen
Saxony, Germany
8.3 x 7.8 x 4.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $900
Early summer 2021

A fine old Cerussite cluster with crystals to over 3 CM in a nearly pure cluster. A few thin shards of matrix host dozens of silky luster prisms in very good condition. Ex John Marshall collection with his label, he obtained this in Jan of 1972 from Ron Bentley after Bentley had purchased the stock of the famed Shortmann's minerals. The Schortmann Brothers handled many excellent European classics after the war from several important collections. This piece has a Moritz Lechner (Vienna, Austria) Number 7557 which puts this into the collection well before 1903. Lechner's collection was built mostly in the late 1800's and was one of the best at that time in the region. Lechner was wealthy enough to purchase several important earlier collections, some dating back to the early 1700's. This specimen is unusual and does not look like most other Freiburg Cerussites; it is especially well-crystalized and looks rather like more recent examples from Lower Saxony. We have no exact mine attribution but no matter the exact source this is an excellent vintage German Cerussite.