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Bournonite - fine cogswheel habit crystals
stock #21.1-538
Machocamarco Mine, Cornelio Saavreda Province
Potosi, Bolivia
4.7 x 3.4 x 2.2 CM (miniature)
price: $690
Pre Tucson

Perfect, sharp and very lustrous metallic crystals in a cluster from the important find in 2019 at the Machacamarca Mine. The form and habit really look like fine classic Cornish crystals but these are recent and a small fraction of the cost for a vintage English specimen. The crystals are up to 1.8 CM, undamaged and have textbook perfect morphology. Steel-grey color and an elegant arrangement make this miniature far especially choice. These are certain to be considered classics themselves in the future. Right now this quality and price for undamaged Bournonites is something special.

Cassiterite - large and gemmy crystals, classic
stock #17.1-367
Viloco Mine (Araca Mine), Loayza Province
La Paz, Bolivia
5.8 x 4.7 x 3.2 CM (cabinet)
price: $1750
Spring 23

A super esthetic old Bolivian Cassiterite. Mostly all Cassiterite crystals with just minimal matrix and a few small Quartz crystals, in exceptional condition. The luster is glass-like and the crystals are fully translucent to transparent. The photos here are not backlit but with rear lighting the crystals glow a bright yellow-green to orange. The largest crystal is 4.2 CM across, which is huge for the locale, very few came close to that size and almost never with this fine form and luster. In excellent condition as seen, there are minor small edge rubs to mention but no damage. This from the Les Hitchings collection which he obtained in 1985, the era of the top finds at this amazing locality. Cassiterite of this quality has not been seen since then. This piece does look a lot like a fine Chinese Amo Mine Cassiterite in form but the larger size of the crystals and the internal color are distinctly different.

SOLD Ludlamite with Pyrite and Siderite
stock #SOLD 22.1-345
Huanuni Mine, Huanuni, Pataleon Dalence Province
Oruro Department, Bolivia
3.8 x 3.5 x 1.9 CM (miniature)
price: $0
Fall 22

Exceptionally well-crystalized Ludlamite on a matrix of Siderite and Pyrite. The Ludlamite is in both prismatic crystals and in spherical rosette form balls. The largest ball is a textbook perfect crystal cluster perched at the top of the specimen. No damage and with bright luster, vivid color and excellent esthetics. From the recent find at Huanuni, (Bolivia), these have been big news in the mineral world as they have outstanding quality and form.

Sulphur - large hoppered crystals
stock #21.1-342
El Desierto Mine, San Pablo de Napa, Daniel Campos Province
Potosi, Bolivia
6.4 x 3.2 x 2.4 CM (cabinet)
price: $725
New Year 22

Very pure Sulphur in textbook perfect crystals showing aligned prism forms and hoppered faces. Excellent bright yellow color and in undamaged condition, a modern classic. The El Desierto Mine is a rather small operation located on the flanks of a volcano at very high elevation. It has not been worked for a few years and when we visited the locality some time ago it was really inhospitable to say the least. However the best Sulphur specimens in recent decades have come from here. Better pieces like this have vivid canary yellow color, very bright luster and are rather transparent. The color is much brighter than most specimens of the other classic localities (Sicily and Russia) and there is no hint of Petroleum inclusions that are common elsewhere. These large crystals show very clear epitaxial stacking and exceed 5 CM. Choice for the locale and for the specie. Far better than the usual quality from this unusual place.

Frankeite - well-crystallized
stock #21.1-284
San Jose Mine, Oruro
Potosi, Bolivia
4.6 3.8 x 3.7 CM (miniature)
price: $880
New Year 22

A complete floater, crystallized on all sides with slender blade-like crystals of Frankeite radiating in clusters and ball-like aggregates. An incredibly rare mineral, all the best specimens known came from just a few small finds in Bolivia, this is a superb example from what may be the best of those discoveries about 35 years ago. Not long ago Frankeite was often called the rarest Sulfosalt in the world. That may have been true then but today that statement is not true though it is still very super rare. The well-formed balls and clusters are distinctive for this special find at the San Jose Mine. In excellent condition, this displays well from any angle. Ex Dr. Eugene Sensei Collection. As far as we know there have been no more found since about 2005.

Stannite with Zinkenite on Pyrite
stock #7.AE-195
San Jose Mine, Oruro
Oruro Department, Bolivia
6.4 x 4.6 x 3.1 CM (cabinet)
price: $650
Late Summer 2021

Stannite is somewhat rare Sulfide that is not usually attractive unless it has some contrast with its matrix or a very good form. This specimen has a bright sparkling Pyrite matrix with excellent luster that hosts some Stannites in well-formed, complex twinned crystals. The largest Stannite is 1.3 CM across. There is a little Zinkenite in the mix as small but fat needle-like crystals that need a close examination to find. This is from the San Jose Mine which has produced many incredible rare Sulfides and Sulfosalt specimens over the years. This piece is roughly 20 years old from the golden age of this important locale. There is no sign of degradation to the Pyrite and the Stannite is undamaged. A really attractive setting for the dark sulfides nestled in a golden matrix.

Franckeite var. Potosiite - exceptionally well-crystalized
stock #7.AE-193
San Jose Mine, Oruro
Oruro Department, Bolivia
7.9 x 4.1 x 3.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $2400
Late Summer 2021

Franckeite has always been an incredibly rare mineral and was only known in micro crystals until the major find in 2004 of what was then called Potosiite. This is now known to be a variety of Franckeite with less tin than usual. This was not a large find but the better specimens were quickly gobbled up by collectors and are almost never available now. This piece was one of those major specimens, it is from a collection we are liquidating for the owner and retains the original Kosnar label. In incredible condition for this delicate mineral with individual crystals that reach over 1 CM, in clusters and free standing masses. This piece also has crystals of the original Franckeite that is not the Potosiite variety so this brings two of the world's rarest Sulfosalts on a single matrix. For the species, this is also an esthetic piece, with very three dimensional form and a good metallic luster.

Phosphophyllite - crystals in fossil clamshell cast.
stock #21.1-138
Huaylliani Phosphphyllite Diggings, Huayllani, Canutillas. Machacamarca,
Potosi, Bolivia
7.2 x 4.9 x 2.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $3800
Early summer 2021

Fine Phosphophyllite crystals nearly fill the void of a fossil clam shell with the center area still open. The center void has dozens of sharp terminations surrounding the middle. Some crystals show the classic "swallowtail" twinning habit and all are a translucent apple green. This is one of the very best specimens I have seen from a small find made in 2009-2010. Phosphophyllite in sizable crystals is rare and one of the "holy grail" species. Outside of Bolivia nearly all other specimens are quite small, measured in millimeters, and most are micros. This locality is about 45 KM from the more famous mines at Cerro Rico which is also in Potosi, Bolivia. The best specimens from Cerro Rico are highly prized, being both rare and some the most expensive mineral specimens in the world. This smaller find at Huaylliani more than a decade ago was huge news in the mineral world back then. While the crystals from here are not as gemmy and clear as the best from Potosi, they are still very fine and would rank as the second best in the world. The find is long ago finished and these are now quite prized as well. The largest crystals on this piece are over 2 CM but most are smaller. An unusual piece, very large for the area, this has both lustrous areas and some lightly frosted crystal faces. Minimal matrix, this is over 78 grams of nearly pure Phsopophyllite. The shape of the clam shell is still somewhat visible on the backside but the open vug of the green Phosphophyllite crystals is the real star here. In excellent condition overall, a few small Iron stains are present on some edges though the crystals are very clean. An outstanding piece from this important find.