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Mimetite - old find, unusual color
stock #5.1-159
Pingtouling Mine, Liannan, Sanjiang
Guangdong Province, Chile
4.8 x 2.8x 1.7 CM (miniature)
price: $390
Fall 22

From the early finds at Pingtouling which were famous for bright yellow Mimetites, this is a deeper orange hue. The mine was flooded and collapsed more than 20 years ago, but the size and quality of these lustrous crystals helped them to become modern classics. This thumb-like matrix is covered by fine crystals on all sides, and the condition is excellent. The crystals all have a wet-look luster. These have become scarce and this color is even more uncommon.

Atacamite with Libethenite and Hallyosite
stock #22.1-442
Mina La Farola, Cerro Pintado, Tierra Amarilla, Copiopo Province
Atacama Region, Chile
12.1 x 5.9 x 3.2 CM (cabinet)
price: $280
Fall 22

An older, sizable and well-crystalized specimen of Copper secondary species from this less well-known mine in Chile. Ex. collection of John Roger Mitchell, who obtained this piece in 1983. Such material is impossible to find today, this is both a choice display piece and a remarkable specimen under magnification.

stock #8.AE-887
Daoping Mine, Gongcheng County, Guilin Prefecture
Guangxi Province, Chile
3.8 x 2.7 x 2.4 CM (small miniature/ large thumbnail (toenail))
price: $200
Post Tucson 2022

A vibrant green thumbnail of lustrous Pyro crystals from the famed Daoping Mine (Guangxi, China). In fine condition as seen, this is just a bit too large to be a thumbnail though it could perhaps be trimmed, it looks fine as is. Close exam shows the crystals are more apple green near the bottom and become a bit more yellow green near the terminations. This piece is early 2000 era specimen which was the most productive time for these super bright greens which made the locale famous in the mineral world.

Murdochite, Aurichalcite, Caledonite, Malachite Zincolibethenite?
stock #8.AE-949
Mina Dos Adrianas, Zapaltar Mining District, Copiapo Province
Atacama Region, Chile
8.7 x 6. x 4.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $220
Post Tucson 2022

A large, very rich and complex specimen loaded with secondary species and a feast for the eyes under the microscope. The dominant specie is the Aurichalcite seen on almost every surface of the specimen, but sizable areas of Murdochite are also easily noted. The Murdochite is in tiny crystals on dark botryoids. Other species are noted including Caledonite and what seems to be Zincolibethenite but that is not confirmed. Some blue green rhomb crystals are also noted that may be Aurichalcite on or in Calcite. The piece looks fine as a display item or could be made into dozens or maybe hundreds of Micromounts. An unusually well mineralized specimen from the noted Mina dos Adrianas in Chile.

Linarite with minor Caledonite
stock #8.AE-835
Mina Dos Adrianas, Zapaltar Mining District, Copiapo Province
Atacama Region, Chile
9.3 x 5.6 x 4.2 CM (cabinet)
price: $300
Early summer 2021

A sizable, rich and vividly colored Linarite from the small, little known Dos Adrianas Mine. Several other species are present as well in the Quartz matrix including micros of what looks to be Libethenite. However the main interest here is the Linarite, a crust of deep blue crystals in a dense mat. The deeper vugs have some more isolated crystals as well, best seen and appreciated with magnification. Pretty specimen from a locality that is rarely seen on the market.

Chrysocolla - drusy
stock #21.1-010
Inca De Oro, Chanaral
Atacama Region, Chile
6.3 x 3.6 x 1.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $250
new year 2021

Bright blue and with a sparkling druse of Quartz over the display face. Sawn on back it seems this was being fashioned into a jewelry item but was left unfinished. Displays well and the color is an excellent blue, with some green hues seen under strong lighting. The Chrysocolla finds from Chile was a major source of fine specimens for many years. These are no longer available and they have begun to increase in price quickly for choice pieces.

Lemanskiite with Lammerite and Olivenite
stock #20.1-901-(ZS-LEM4260)
El Guanaco Mine, Guanaco Santa Catalina, Antofagasta Province
Antofagasta Region, Chile
5.5 x 4 x 3.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $320
new year 2021

A rich showing of crystal clusters of the rare copper specie Lemanskiite from the type locality. Lemanskiite is a fairly new mineral recognized as unique in 1998. This piece also has a sizable ball of crystallized Lammerite (about 9 mm across) and a few sprays of Olivenite as well. The Lemanskiite is in micro crystals up to 2 plus mm radiating clusters that can be seen as distinct crystals by naked eye, but under magnification these are super impressive. This is a choice specimen of both Lammerite and Lamanskiite.

stock #20.1-818
Chuquicamata Mine, Calama, El Loa Province
Antofagasta Region, Chile
5.6 x 4 x 2.7 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $190
new year 2021

Bright blue to blue green masses of glassy Krohnkite from the type locality at Chuquicamata. A very colorful and rare mineral, this Copper Sulfate was only found in display grade specimens long ago. From every other locality worldwide I am unaware of any specimens over a few millimeters in size. This specimen is rich and colorful on all sides, there are no distinct crystals just masses and seams of Krohnkite.