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Epidote - large single crystal
stock #22.1-479
Karoi District
Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe
6.2 x 4.9 x 3.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $480
Fall 22

Dark green and quite lustrous, a single doubly terminated crystal of Epidote from Zimbabwe. Complete and with a sparkling druse of Quartz crystals, this is a nice Epidote from anyplace and incredibly good for this locale. An older specimen this is the best example we know of from Zimbabwe. The backside has some bruises on an edge but the front and sides are undamaged and attractive. A small amount of translucence is seen on a few edges but overall this is mostly opaque. From the Karoi which is known for Euclase and other species but Epidote is not noted in modern literature. Ex Immer Cook collection obtained from Schortmanns Minerals in the early 1960s. They offered a selection of Karoi Epidotes back then but their source was never known.

Euclase -blue crystals with Quartz
stock #13.1-288
Lost Hope Mine, Mwami, Karol District
Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe
5.2 x 3.7 x 2.7 CM (small cabinet/large miniature)
price: $950

A sizable cluster of Euclase crystals and sections of crystals on a nearly pure Euclase matrix. The color ranges from a light blue to a deep inky blue and the scattered Quartz crystals add a contrast. From the Lost Hope mine of Zimbabwe, this was found more than 40 years ago. The largest crystal is 2.6 CM in size but it must be noted it is closely encased in the matrix with only a few faces showing, and the better display angles do not present the best color zones. This is a sizable mass of Euclase with some gemmy areas and some nice striations on the larger faces, although the edges do have lots of cleavages and rough zones. Relatively affordable, the photos to me look a little bit better than the specimen in person but they are real with no photoshop tricks. A good value for this often very costly gem mineral.