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Cubanite - conjoined sixling twin
stock #AX-24-531
Henderson Number 2, Chibougamau
Quebec, Canada
2.5 x 1.8 x .6 CM (thumbnail)
price: $950
Pre Tucson

Super sharp and lustrous golden metallic Cubanite twins in a complete asymmetric spray. From the remote Henderson number 2 Mine, vintage 1996. The Cubanites from this mine are far and away the best in the world, sadly this was the last find. There have been no more for over 25 years. Cubanite is a fragile specie, these undamaged twins are very rare. This one is exceptional with complete edges. It may look in the photos like the edges are contacted or broken but in person they are complete and crystalized all around. The radiating crystals have the classic sixling habit that is so distinctive of this specie at this location. There are not many nice ones for sale today, this is a rare "reasonable" price thumbnail that is also much prettier in person.

Cubanite - very large crystals
stock #8.AE-702
Henderson Number 2, Chibougamau
Quebec, Canada
5.3 x 4.3 x 1.6 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $2900
Early summer 2023

Large twinned crystals in a cluster with minimal matrix. The 2 largest crystals are 3.7 and 2.9 CM across which is huge for the specie. None of the 5 main crystals are perfect, all are either contacted or have some edge chipping. The right side crystal that looks broken in photos is mostly only contacted and has a stepped crystal growth on the edge. All crystals are a bright golden metallic and most show the classic twinning that is famed at this locale. While not for perfectionists this is still a substantial specimen and not 5 or 6 figures in price. The Henderson Mine at Chibougamau closed forever in 1986. For a very short time the best Cubanites ever seen were produced, though great ones were still very rare. Today these are prized as modern classics and when perfect command very high prices. While this is not perfect it is still attractive and the crystals are exceptionally large.

Cubanite - classic twinned crystals
stock #AX-29-091
Henderson Number 2, Chibougamau
Quebec, Canada
2 x 1.3 x 1 CM (thumbnail)
price: $1400
new year 2021

Cubanite twin crystals in a cluster with virtually no matrix. In fine condition as seen, such good Cubanite crystals have become quite rare as it has been over two decades since the last of this world class find. This one shows excellent golden luster and form, the largest crystal is a full sixling twin. It is very unlikely there will ever be more of this quality found. There are several localities in the world for this mineral but any crystals are very rare and almost all are micros. These Canadian specimens are the by a wide margin the best in the world, and good twins are especially scarce now.

Cubanite with Calcite
stock #AX-3-009
Henderson Number 2, Chibougamau
Quebec, Canada
1.8 x 1.5 x 1.1 CM (thumbnail)
price: $700
new year 2021

A fully twinned Cubanite crystal from the great find at Chibougamau almost 25 years ago. This Cubanite has a small spray of flat Calcite crystals on one corner giving a nice accent. There is no matrix. A circle of an iridescent alteration in the very center of the radiating arms is quite unusual. This patina is the classic brassy golden metallic. The front side is complete all around with the radiating point off center but crystallized on the fat edge. The back is contacted though not broken and about 50% complete. One small chip is noted on the display face that is visible by naked eye but can be hidden by creative mounting. Cubanite is very delicate and some damage is normal, this is not perfect but has far less than most. The find at this mine (Henderson #2) was by far the greatest ever with the best Cubanite crystals ever seen. These are only available from old collections and the most desirable are the flat twinned crystals that show the radiating or star striations.