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Inesite, Apophyllite and Hubeite on Quartz
stock #AX-15-196
Fengjiashan Mine (Daye Mine), Daye County, Huangshi Pref.
Hubei Province, China
10.4 x 8.3 x 5.4 CM (cabinet)
price: $490
Pre Tucson

From a small find about 10 years ago, a most unusual but also very esthetic specimen. From the Chinese suite of the Shields Flynn collection, this is an amazing style of Inesite unlike any other. The matrix of this is nearly all Quartz crystals in two generations and a little Pyrite, it is covered with dozens of long slender Inesite crystals most of which are covered by tiny sparkling Apophyllite crystals. The Hubeite crystals are lustrous brown, scattered all over but especially rich on the backside. Overall the specimen is very three dimensional, visually complex and has a superb display impact. There are a few small uncoated Inesites which are bright pink to orange, but the main Inesite are fully covered by clear Apophyllite. In fine condition as seen.

stock #AX-10-036
Hale Crek Mine, Mad River Rock, Trinity County
California, United States
8.1 x 6.9 x 6.4 CM (cabinet)
price: $800
Late Summer 2018

Superb old USA (California) Inesite with large and very fine crystals lining an open pocket. Hale Creek Inesites could still be collected about 45-50 years ago, but not recently, they are a US classic, rarely available in this quality. This specimen is in fine condition, with prismatic crystals up to 1.7 CM but most are about 1.2 CM (which is huge for the locale and specie). Displays well from several angles, the open vug shows several differing habits and radiating clusters. Ex William Hladysz and Ara Dildillian collections, this is by far the best California Inesite I have seen for sale in 20 years.

Inesite with Barite
stock #A-14-326
N Chwaning Mine, Kalahari Fields, Kuruman
Northern Cape Province, South Africa
6.6 x 5.4 x 4.2 (cabinet)
price: $1150
Pre Holiday 2017

A dense mat of sharp pink to orange Inesite crystals covers most of a matrix which also hosts several clear Barite crystals. In excellent condition, from the classic NChwaning mine, this has fine luster and displays super well. The find of Inesite more than a decade ago has not been repeated, these rank as some of the best specimens ever found. This is a top percentile specimen, with strong display impact. Choice, and now very rare on the market.

Inesite with Quartz, Hubetite etc.
stock #16.1-174
Fengjiashan Mine (Daye Mine), Daye County, Huangshi Pref.
Hubei Province, China
7.2 x 7 x 5.2 CM (cabinet)
price: $390
Winter 2016-17

A fine Chinese Inesite from the Daye Mine (Fengjiashian Mine). Great esthetic with a very delicate, perfect standing spray of Inesite on top of a matrix of smaller Inesite, Quartz and Hubeite crystals. Excellent form and color, this has the richest red-orange hue that is most desirable. Not much has been found in recent years and little of that has good form or color. An impressive specimen for the mineral and for the locale.

Inesite, Calcite & Quartz
stock #AX-15-276
Fengjiashan Mine (Daye Mine), Daye County, Huangshi Pref.
Hubei Province, China
6.2 x 3.3 x 2.5 CM (cabinet)
price: $420
Fall 2015

A sizable red to pink "bowtie" spray of well-formed crystals is nicely perched on Calcite crystals. From the collection of Shields Flynn and supplied by Bert Ottens, this is a way above average quality Inesite from the great finds in 2002. The main spray is 4.1 cm tall which is unusually big, and the condition is excellent with no visible damage. This location was once quite prolific but we have seen nothing in the past few years. A choice specimen of a modern classic.