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Gold - very rare wire form
stock #20.FC-091
Pinto River, Novita Municipality
Chocó, Colombia
2.3 x .9 x .3 CM (thumbnail)
price: $2250

The rarest form f native Gold is this type of wire habit, these are only known from a handful of localities (I can only think of 4 or 5) and specimens are few and highly prized. This piece looks like a much more common Silver wire except for the bright golden patina. From an small but famed find at Choco in Colombia, this specimen comes from an older French collection. Presenting classic form, this slender wire with a hooking top or termination shows a little ropy texture on one side, the color is quite bright. One specimen from this find was the subject of recent research by Dr John Rakovan trying to determine the method by which these form. Careful study shows the exterior is very pure Gold but deeper inside there is a percentage of Silver. It is likely the Silver mixed with the Gold in rare instances may stimulate this type of form.

Gold - exceptional crystals, multiple forms
stock #AX-12-281
Alta Floresta Gold Province, Alto Floresta
Mato Grosso, Brazil
2.3 x 1.3 x 1.1 CM (thumbnail)
price: $1750
Worldwide mix summer

A natural sculpture in Gold, this is a remarkable cluster of several different forms and habits. Any angle of view has considerable impact and interest with these forms. From old finds at Matto Grosso (more than 20 years ago) this is an especially dramatic piece with skeletal and hoppered forms based on elongated octahedrons. 9.1 grams and all of it very well crystallized, a strong display thumbnail of fine competition grade.

Gold- flattened crystals
stock #18.1-244
Round Mountain, Open Pit Gold mine, Nye County
Nevada, United States
2.2 x 1.5 x .7 CM (thumbnail)
price: $590
Worldwide mix summer

Brilliant gold color and luster with stacked flattened crystals of Octahedral habit. Very choice and esthetic example of the habit from the great finds at Round Mountain. 3.3 grams, in fine condition and with a strong display esthetic. Ex Larry White collection, this habit was much less typical at the mine, most pieces were wires, leaf or a combination, this is more substantial prismatic flat crystals.

Gold- Sheet crystal habit
stock #AX-16-444
Round Mountain, Open Pit Gold mine, Nye County
Nevada, United States
3.1 x 2.1 x .2 CM (thumbnail)
price: $520
Spring update

A pure sheet of Gold with some flattened crystal faces and structures evident. Thin but substantial, this has a bright luster and looks great on both sides. Mined in 2006, this weighs just 1.3 grams but due to the flat form it looks very impressive for the weight. The variety of fine Gold specimens that has come out of Round mountain is incredible. Choice.