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Nadorite - well-crystalized, vintage from type locality
stock #20.1-878-(2983)
Nador N Balls Mine, Djebel Nador, Gueima District
Gueima Province, Algeria
6.3 x 4.4 x 3.5 CM (cabinet)
price: $750
Late Summer 2021

W.G. Levison obtained this Nadorite in 1898 for his collection. This was a very new specie at that time and this was (and is) a very fine example. Based on the dates and timing this is likely one of the original discovery pieces obtained by the French mining company and exchanged with museums and well-connected collectors. A rare Lead Antimony Chloride, this Nadorite has the less common yellow platy habit crystals in stacks and rows in several areas on the matrix. Most Nadorites are micro sized specimens but this is a substantial piece. Though not a showy specie generally, this is a display worthy Nadorite and has a good lemon color (most are brown). The orginial Levison handwritten label is attached though tattered. We include a copy of the collection ledger page for this piece. It should be noted that the ledger gives this locality as Nador, Constantine, Algeria. This does not match the current Mindat locality info, this mine is now located in Gueima Province which is a newer designation. These old specimens are very rare on the market in any quality much less in eye-visible crystals. This early find over 125 years ago and a very small find 40 years ago at Touissit were the only sources of good, sizable specimens.