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Barite - unusual locality
stock #24.1-192
Tses Baryte Prospect, Brukkaros Complex, Berseba Townlands Farm 426, Ber
Il Karas Region, Namibia
2.7 x .8 x .6 CM (thumbnail)
price: $140

Single crystal of Barite (Baryte) from an unusual locality the Tses Propect in the Il Karas of Namibia. This shows a distinct golden to orange color transition. Nice thumbnail that is in fine condition and perfectly terminated. This seems to have been a one time find. these are more or less impossible to find except from older collections.

Barite - USA classic locale
stock #23.1-729
Hartsel, Hartsel Mining District, Park County
Colorado, United States
5.1 x 3.9 x 1.5 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $240
Pre Tucson

From Hartsel which is almost exactly in the center of Colorado, this is a stacked cluster of flat habit crytsals. The color is blue grey with a lighter hue at the tips and edges. The crystals are epitaxially stacked and this is in very good condition. Colorado has several important Barite locations, the three best known are Stonham, Book Cliffs and Hartsel. All three have very different styles of Barite. Very distict form and habit on this older specimen, an excellent example of a nice Hartsel.

Barite on Calcite with Pyrite
stock #6.2-909
Dachang Ore Field, Nandan
Guangxi Province, China
4.8 x 4.3 x 2.1 CM (miniature)
price: $650
Pre Tucson

A quite usual and attractive gemmy Barite/Calcite combo from the Nandan area (Guangxi, China). We were at this less well-known mining area in 2004 and a few miners had just found these gem clear Barites, some with "Mercedes" style Calcites. We selected the best 20 pieces or so and quickly sold everything We never could get anymore like this and the mine has been closed for a few years. This piece came back to us recently and is ready for a new home. Like most in the find the Barite is not absolutely perfect, there are micro chips most of which are on the backside. It still looks great from most angles but is not for perfectionists. The Calcites make a great contrast and add a lot of interest. They are white flat discoidal type with dark Pyrite lines that create the Mercedes shape. The color and luster of the Barite are excellent and there are phantoms of dark inclusions that are almost certainly Pyrite. The small bits of damage are certainly unfortunate, (we never did find any without at least a little) but they are not a major distraction and keep the price a lot lower than if this was absolutely perfect. An excellent older vintage Chinese piece. The Nandan area had many small mines that were a very interesting source of polymetallic ores and some great specimen minerals. We miss it!

Quartz on Barite (Sugar Bowl pocket)
stock #AX-19-021
Murray mine, Sugarbowl pocket, Independance Mts. District, Elko Co.
Nevada, United States
3.6 x 3.1 x 1.9 CM (miniature)
price: $190
Early summer 2023

Bright and sparkling Quartz crystals have sugar-coated the front sides of Barite crystals. A distinctive find this was called the Sugar Bowl pocket. It was discovered almost 20 years ago, deep in the Murray Mine of the Elko gold mining region. As far as we know there was nothing else like these specimens ever found anyplace else in the USA. These are now only available from older collections. The front of the specimen is perfect, there are some side rub points and the back is the area of attachment. Pretty and bright.

Barite (Baryte) - classic British
stock #21.1-293
Frizington, West Cumberland Iron Field
Cumberland, Cumbria, England
5.2 x 1.8 x 1 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $550
Spring 23

A sharp and lustrous single crystal of yellow-green Barite from the famed Frizington area (Cumbria, England). This area consists of several mines for both Iron and coal which were worked for centuries. Great Barites were being collected and traded worldwide by the late 1700 era. These are now classics in the mineral world. The yellow color was best known from the Parkside Mine but it was found in several other workings as well. This specimen does not have a mine specified for it (that detail was very rarely provided long ago when these were found, in recent times many old pieces were given mine attributions, often these are guesses). No matter the exact shaft this come up from, the crystal is in excellent condition, mostly gem clear, classic in form and far better in person.

Barite with Malachite - classic USA locale
stock #12.1-163
Kelly Mine, Magdalena
New Mexico, United States
5.5 x 3.4 x 2.3 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $160
Fall 22

Delicate Barite (Baryte) blades in a complex cluster are partially coated by green Malachite. From the famed Kelley Mine which is well-known for its great Smithsonites. This specimen is special, it is the only one I have seen with Malachite, the Barite is very similar to some others from the locale but the Malachite is a very unusual addition and makes for a nice contrast. Some blades have rough edges but there are some perfect ones as well.

Barite on Rhodochrosite
stock #8.AE-814
Cerro Warihuyn - Miraflores, Huamalies Prov.
Huanuco Department, Peru
4.3 x 4.1 2.7 CM (miniature)
price: $120
Early summer 2021

A gem clear rosette of undamaged Barite crystals on Rhodochrosite from Huanuco, Peru. This Barite find has produced many fine pieces over the past few years and is now well established as a modern classic locale. The blades of this Barite are perfectly clear, lustrous and are attached only by a small point on the crystalline Rhodochrosite matrix. Selected carefully from many pieces this one has superior form and condition.

Barite with Malachite inclusions
stock #21.FC-023
Shangulowe Mine, Kambove District
Lualaba Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire)
5.1 x 4 x 1.5 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $560
Early summer 2021

A fine example of the rare "green Barite" from the Shangulowe Mine (Kabove, DR Congo). This has a main crystal that is over 4 CM across which is huge for this find. The clarity and condition are excellent and the whole displays very well on the contrasting matrix. The brightest green zones are more concentrated on the edges and the overall color is a bluish grey-green. In excellent condition there is no damage to the Barites which at this size is remarkable.