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Barite on Stibnite
stock #6.2-345
Dahegou Mine, Lushi County, Sanmenxia Prefecture
Henan Province, China
10.9 x 1.4 x 1.4 CM (cabinet)
price: $330
Spring update

Unusual and neat association. A Stibnite crystal with some bends and a hackly termination has two white transparent Barite crystals on the middle section. The Barites have some milky faces and others that are very clear so the underlying Stibnite can be seen through the crystals. From finds in 2005 we have not seen more of this type since that era.

Stibnite on (and in) Fluorite Cubes
stock #6.2-333
Dehegou Mine, (Zhangergou, Lushi) Lushi County
Henan Province, China
9 x 8.4 CM (cabinet)
price: $275
Tucson group

The relatively rare pyramidal or "4 sided pointed chisel tip" termination is well displayed on this Stibnite and the matrix is almost pure cubic Fluorite included by Stibnite. Some Stibnites display a brassy and blue iridescent alterations. The largest crystals are perfect but there is minor damage elsewhere and a broken Stib near the center that can be seen depending on the angle of display. That said it is still very displayable, esthetic and shows a rarer crystal form and a great association.