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stock #6.2-548
Muiane Pegmatite, Alto Ligonha District
Zambezia Province, Mozambique
7.3 x 2 x 1.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $680
Spring 2020

Tourmaline from Mozambique can be incredibly choice and this is a very nice example. Mostly a purple- red color with a yellow green zone, this crystal is strongly dichroic. The Elbaite exhibits a striking color change when rotated in front of a computer screen. Mostly all good gem grade, transparent and very lustrous, this crystal weighs 42.9 grams. The backside of the termination shows some areas that were recrystallized and some small bruises so it is not perfect but this is can be fully hidden by display angle and keeps the cost much lower as a result. Excellent value for a pretty tourmaline that is much better in person

Beryl- Gem clear hollow crystals
stock #AX-12-274
Muiane Pegmatite, Alto Ligonha District
Zambezia Province, Mozambique
5.6 x 2.1 x 1.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $480
Spring 2019

A pair of parallel gemmy Beryl crystals (light green) with very distinct central canals that run the length of the prisms. The crystals are terminated at the tops yet the central hole is perfectly in the middle of the terminations. There are striations running the length of the central canals that are clearly seen through the otherwise transparent crystals. A fine example of this uncommon and interesting oddity. Similar to some hollow crystals that were found in Brazil in the nineties, these show wider central canals and they are all the way through the crystal. An older piece formerly in the Steve Chamberlain collection, his label states he obtained this in 1977 from the Dossert collection. Unlike anything else I have seen from Mozambique and a super interesting, attractive Beryl!

Elbaite- large dichroic crystal
stock #8.AE-686
Muiane Pegmatite, Alto Ligonha District
Zambezia Province, Mozambique
6.4 x 2 x 1.4 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $975
Worldwide mix summer

Gemmy and with a glassy luster, this single crystal has a dramatic color change and shows striking dichroic shift. The color change ranges from a purple-red to a yellow green. Aside from that, this is in fine condition, well terminated and a very different style of tourmaline from what is usually seen. Far better in person the color shift is one of the strongest I have seen.