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Carrollite on Calcite
stock #23.1-235
Kamoya, Kambove, Katanga Copper Crescent
Haut- Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire)
4 x 3.8 x 3.3 CM (miniature)
price: $280
Pre Tucson

A pair of perfect Carrollite crystals nestled in a Calcite matrix. The Carrollites have bright metallic luster mostly silvery but a few faces have a golden sheen too. These crystals reach 1.4 CM. This is from the finds in 2005 where the matrix was a solid Calcite. Many later finds had Talc and Calcite matrix and the Carrollites tended to fall out, hence there were many matrix-less single crystals and repaired matrix pieces. This is fully natural and not repaired. For the past 6 years there has not been any new finds. This locality has a well earned respect for the best Carrollites even found. Though this is not a top piece from this mine it is choice and affordable and better in size and quality than any specimens from any other location in the world.

Cornetite with Malachite
stock #20.1-875
L Etoile du Congo Mine, Lubumbashi
Haut- Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire)
7.2 x 4.7 x 2.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $45
new year 2021

A powder blue crust of tiny Cornetite crystals mixed with some Malachite on matrix. This is sawn on the back but the front is all natural. An affordable example of this rather rare Copper mineral.

Dioptase with minor Calcite
stock #6.2-923
Tantara Mine, Shinkolobwe, Kambove District
Haut- Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire)
6.2 x 5 x 4.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $800
new year 2021

Brilliant gemmy Dioptase crystals with intense emerald green color cover the face of the matrix. From the Haut Katanga area of the D.R.Congo, this fine older specimen has the top luster and color more like that sought after in Tsumeb specimens. More recent Dioptase finds tended to be more matte luster or had stepped faces, with much less flash. This is great for the locality and a classy Dioptase from any place. The crystals are very well-defined and reach 1.3 CM. In person this is a strong display specimen with color that is impossible to appreciate on a computer screen. Overall in very good condition, there is some chipping at the outer edges but most of the important crystals are perfect and the display impact is not diminished.

stock #20.1-823
Mindingi Mine, Kambove District
Haut- Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire)
7.3 x 5.2 x 4.1 CM (cabinet)
price: $290
new year 2021

A sizable mass of radiating fibrous crystals of Plancheite on matrix. The Plancheite specimens from the Congo are remarkably rich, considered by many the worlds best come from the Katanga region. This specimen is from an old find at the less well-known Mindingi Mine in Kambove. It is similar to other good specimens from the region and has the silky to chatoyant luster that is distinctive for the specie. Most often Plancheite is seen as an associate mineral, being the matrix for other Copper species, but it can be a very attractive specie in its own right. This looks especially impressive under magnification.