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SOLD Spessartine on Orthoclase
stock #SOLD 19.1-433
Vorondolo Pegmatite District
Antananarivo Province, Madagascar
3.1 x 2.6 x 2.3 CM (thumbnail)
price: $0
Spring update

Thumbnail specimen of Spessartine Garnet on a partial there is only a contact on the back. A nice locality piece from this Pegmatite area, and a well-exposed crystal with nice form.

Quartz - pseudocubic form
stock # 18.1-102A
Artesia, Eddy County
New Mexico, United States
2.6 x 2 x 1.8 CM (thumbnail)
price: $500
Spring update

A sharp and complete crystal of the very rare "pseudocubic" habit Quartz, which is also very large for the form. The form is more correctly a skewed cube with overdeveloped rhombohedral faces that are not at 90 degrees but can look like it from several angles. No damage. This was incorrectly attributed to a small Arizona find but it is now confirmed as a very choice New Mexican specimen.

Smithsonite Pseudomorph after Dolomite
stock #15.1-583
Rush Creek, Marion Co.
Arkansas, United States
10.2 x 6.7 x 3.7 CM (cabinet)
price: $300
Spring update

The classic habit of saddle shape Dolomite crystals completely replaced by sparkling smithsonite. The matrix is also nearly all Smithsonite and mostly composed of the rare red-orange color but also has zones of the more typical yellow. A long running debate concerns the color being caused by either Cadmium or Greenockite inclusions. To me it is a distinction without a difference, Greenockite is simply Cadmium Sulfide and so that Cadmium is ultimately the source for the color. In good condition, only a few very minor abrasions can be seen, the Dolomite saddles are quite large and stand well above the matrix.

Azurite -Spherical with Malachite
stock #13.1-416
Morenci Mine, Copper Mt. District, Shannon Mts., Greenlee County
Arizona, United States
8.6 x 5.9 x 3.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $900
Spring update

Brilliant blue ball form Azurites sit on a contrasting gossan matrix with a few areas of Malachite. Choice old specimen ex Warren Johannson collection. Warrens notes give the locality as Bisbee and he obtained it in 1937. It is very likely from nearby Morenci as this habit is noted there, and many Morenci pieces ended up with Bisbee labels. Some additional balls are on the backside, but the display side shown is the best for presentation. The soft matrix has been stabilized, the luster is very bright and the color electric blue.

Malachite Slice of stalactitic nodule
stock #18.1-218
Katanga, Central Area, Katanga Copper zone
Shaba, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire)
5.4 x 4.5 x .5 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $380
Spring update

Sharp and colorful pattern is well presented on both sides of this cross section of Malachite. Good polish and fine contrast in the banding that is "cauliflower" in form. This sort of quality slice was at one time more common but now is quite scarce. A modern classic.

Fluorite- water clear green cubes
stock #6.2-767
Xianghuapu Mine, Linwu County, Chenzhou Prefecture
Hunan Province, China
8.4 x 6.3 x 4 CM (cabinet)
price: $775
Spring update

From the finds at Xianghuapu in 2006, a super sharp and fully transparent cluster of Fluorite with bright luster. We obtained this back then at the mine, we selected from thousands of pieces looking for top quality and this was of that calibre. We sold all those specimens long ago but this one is back and it is nothing like the average pieces that flooded out later on. Now that the mining is closed up this sort of specimen is quite treasured. In fine condition, you can read through the Fluorites, which makes them difficult to photograph well enough to be fully appreciated. The main cube is 5.5 CM diagonal and is like green glass.

Emerald with Quartz crystals
stock #18.1-205
Mina Amarillial, Cosquez, Municipio de Muzo
Boyaca, Colombia
4.2 x 2.2 x 1.9 CM (miniature)
price: $480
Spring update

Light to mint green Beryl (Emerald) crystals make up most of this specimen with only a thin shard of matrix showing on one edge. Crystallized Beryla are on all sides, almost a floater. The Quartz prisms are sharp and clear contrasting with the Beryl. Crystallized quartz is rare in Colombian Emerald specimens, much more typical is Calcite or Dolomite. This is from a little known spot in the famed Boyaca region. In Colombia only 2 or 3 mines have ever produced Quartz crystals intergrown with Emerald. There are some chipped or contacted crystals but also many perfect, sharp Hexagons with good transparency and luster.

Volborthite - Vintage, classic
stock #18.1-202
Syssersk, Middle Urals, Permskyaya Oblast
Urals Region, Russia
5.8 x 4.9 x 2.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $125
Spring update

A very old specimen ex Wards with notes in the hand of George English on label, vintage about 1913-24 from label design. Typical platy crystals and masses on matrix Emerald green to yellow colors. A second old label enclosed is from J. Bohm in Vienna, which contradicts the Wards label locale as being Wreskresenskysch. Based on Mindat details it is possible to be from Sofronovskii the type locality which is in that area. While not a stunning display piece the color and form are good. An old price tag of 3.00 on the piece, a fortune at that time for this was then a very rare specie.