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Sphalerite on Quartz
stock #6.2-149
Shuikoushan Lead Zinc Mine, Changning, Hengyang Pref.
Hunan Province, China
9.3 x 6.7 x 5.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $260
Pre Tucson

Ruby-red Sphalerite crystals scattered on a druzy Quartz from the 2005 era finds at Shuikoushan (China). The specimen also has several smaller orange Sphalerites that add a nice contrast. The matrix is a complex three-dimensional Quartz with hills, valleys and crevices that host these gemmy Sphalerites. In excellent condition overall, the Sphalerite crystals are mostly twinned and very translucent, these are singles and in clusters to almost 2 CM though the average is about 1 CM. The matrix was sawn on the bottom/ back to allow this to be collected without damage, the sawn areas are not visible in any display angle. Better in person and incredible with backlighting, these photos are not made with any.

Variscite with Wavellite - unusual German locality
stock #20.1-748
Ronneburg U Deposit
Thuringia, Germany
8.6 x 5.8 x 3.9 CM (cabinet)
price: $240
Pre Tucson

A mix of bright green Variscite and powder blue Wavellite from the Ronneburg Uranium mines. The Wavellite is mostly blue but some is colorless and a few areas are actually clear, transparent balls. The Variscite is translucent on close exam and has several different green hues. This locality is not well-known to many collectors outside Europe but it is an incredible zone for fascinating and complex mineralogy, rare species and interesting associations. This specimen is quite good sized, colorful and is well covered on both sides with these Phosphate minerals. Under magnification the spheres, are unusually lustrous. Ex Vrzal collection.

Chalcocite - classic habit crystals from new find
stock #23.1-657
M Passa Mine, Mindouli District
Pool Department, Republic of Congo (Brazzaville)
7.3 x 6.4 x 2.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $650
Pre Tucson

This specimen is almost all Chalcocite, well-crystalized and with just a little green Copper oxidation giving a nice contrast. The Chalcocite look just like the old classics of Cornwall or Bristol but are from a new find made about 2 years ago in the Congo. All the crystals are in parallel alignment and the condition is excellent as seen. A very choice example from this remarkable discovery.

Pseudomalachite (classic Ehlite)
stock #23.1-712
Lubietova, Slovenske Rudohorie Mts,
Banska Bystrica Region, Slovakia
7.7 x 5.7 x 4.2 CM (cabinet)
price: $320
Pre Tucson

Rich and fine vintage specimen (with antique labels) of Pseudomalachite from the era when it was called Ehlite. This and several others were thought to be all different species, but all are classified to be Pseudomalachite now. This piece is from the original mine at Lubetova (Slovakia) the Quartz matrix is almost complete covered on all sides with botryoidal green masses. Pseudomalachite is Phosphate Copper Carbonate, and quite uncommon in comparison to simple Copper Carbonate (Malachite). Specimens from this locality were the first described as a discrete specie in 1812, though an earlier analysis without description of specimens from Germany cause that location to be listed as the type locale. Rich color and coverage, the luster looks polished in a few spots but is fully natural.

SOLD Calcite var. Papierspath - Alpine classic with Chlorite
stock #SOLD 20.1-694
Goscheneralp, Goschenen Valey
Uri, Switzerland
7.8 x 5.3 x 4.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $0
Pre Tucson

An old and remarkable specimen of paper thin Calcite crystals held on a slender Chlorite matrix. The crystals are super delicate, translucent to transparent, inter-grown and have fine distinctive striations. Crystals of 4 plus CM are all on edge standing on a thin 2-3 mm thick matrix of Chlorite crystals. The name Papierspath was in use in the early 1800 era and is more or less an obsolete name today except when on classic old pieces like this. This is a Swiss specimen, the name is more often seen on old French Calcites, it is very rare to see on the market from any locality but especially from Gosheneralp. Some edges are chipped as can be expected, but there are some intact edges too. The old label included uses the term "Wiggen" which seems to mean wedge or shim in older Swiss German. Rare and impressive

Peretaite (TL) with Klebelsbergite, Kermesite, Stibnite etc.
stock #AX-10-676
Pereta Mine, Pereta, Scanbsano, Grosetto Province
Tuscany, Italy
6.3 x 4.1 x 2.9 CM (cabinet)
price: $150
Pre Tucson

A host of rare Antimony species on Stibnite. From the collection of Ruth and Andy Palmer (species collectors working with the late Dr. Joe Mandarino) there are likely several other species present that were not identified yet when this specimen was catalogued. The Peretite are white flattened habit crystals, from the type locality associated with Klebelsbergite on Stibnite. Areas of reddish Kermesite crystals are in several vugs and a few isolated Sulfur crystals are noted as well. Though not identified on the collection ledger or labels it seems there is both Metastibnite and Stibiconite as well. A nice suite of rare minerals in these micro crystals from an important mineralogical locality.

Pyromorphite - unusual German locality
stock #0177-JM-3326
Krandorf, Schwarzenfeld, Schwandorf
Bavaria, Germany
9.2 x 5 x 5 CM (cabinet)
price: $520
Pre Tucson

A large and very rich Pyromorphite ex John H. Marshall collection. There are two generations of Pyromorphite, the older is a lighter green, the more recent is noticeably darker with somewhat smaller crystals. Bright and striking overall, a choice Bavarian specimen from a locality we almost never see in the USA. There are several small vugs on the edges that also hold crystals that are a bit larger than those on the top areas. Some bruising is here but not really noticeable by naked eye. John was a serious Pyromorphite collector who worked for overt 60 years to get the best possible specimen from every significant Pyro locality. This was his best Krandorf.

Smithsonite - pink with unusually vivid color
stock #14.1-055
Otjikoto Region, Namibia
5.5 x 3.9 x 3.2 CM (cabinet)
price: $360
Pre Tucson

Bright pink Smithsonite crystals are nicely protected in a vug on the matrix. From Tsumeb, this intense color had always been labeled as Cobaltoan Smithsonite but recent studies show that not all pink from Tsumeb has Cobalt, so without an analysis we simply call this pink. In excellent condition inside the vug, the only minor bruises are at the outer edges. For a Smithsonite color suite this is a nice addition with rich deep color that is not the typical pale pink of Tsumeb.