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Heliodor - classic form gem Beryl crystal
stock #16.1-519
Padre Paraiso, Jequitinhonha Valley
Minas Gerais, Brazil
3.2 x 1 x .9 CM (thumbnail)
price: $900

A very fine gem crystal thumbnail. This is a small version of the famed etched Beryls from the golden years of Brazilian pegmatite discoveries. In excellent condition, this has the typical flat termination and all faces have various sorts of geometric etching. The luster ranges from a matte satin to bright glassy in some areas. Nearly 100 percent of the crystal is gem transparent though there are inclusions to note. Ex Les Hitchings collection this was obtained in 1979 on his trip to Brazil. It is not common to find thumbnail sized crystals of this quality.

stock #8.AE-888
Daoping Mine, Gongcheng County, Guilin Prefecture
Guangxi Province, Chile
4.8 x 4 x 3.1 CM (miniature)
price: $330

Apple-green Pyromorphite in fine condition from the classic Daoping mine finds of the early 2000 era. This specimen has 4 different habits of unusual crystallization form present and almost none of the common styles. An excellent specimen for a serious suite of Pyromorphites or for odd habits and rare forms. Elongated spindles, stretched wave forms and others are present. In fine condition, this is nicely attractive on a shelf but amazing and complex when examined closely or with magnification.

Wulfenite with Mimetite
stock #AX-21-044
Rowley Mine, (Reliance Mine), Theba, Painted Rock District
Arizona, United States
2.8 x 1.8 x 1.7 CM (thumbnail)
price: $700

Wulfenite from the Rowley mine is instantly recognizable, very desirable and regarded as some of the most elegant in the world. This is a choice thumbnail with fine color, form and visual impact. From some angles the form looks like a butterfly with two main crystal wings on matrix. Some small bits of Mimetite contrast as well on the matrix. In exceptional condition, the crystals are the windowpane type and are impressive from all angles.

SOLD Diamond - USA classic from Arkansas
stock #SOLD 21.1-064
Crater of Diamonds State Park, Murfreesboro, Pike County
Arkansas, United States
.25 x .2 x .1 CM (thumbnail)
price: $0

This is the smallest specimen we have ever offered! A nice, complete (though complex and crude) Diamond crystal from the famed Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. Just .025 carats so this is tiny but fullly transparent and with some interesting inclusions as well. We understand this was found in the late 1960 era. The state park at this locality may be the only fee collecting spot where there is some chance of finding Diamonds though most everyone we know who has tried came up empty handed. A nice locality specimen.

Adamite (Cuprian)
stock #23.1-644
Mina Ojuela, Mapimi
Durango, Mexico
4.9 x 3.4 x 2.9 CM (miniature)
price: $120

Classic Adamite crystals from Mina Ojuela but with the more rare color. Well-defined mint green crystals on contrasting gossan matrix in good condition as seen. The crystals have glassy faces and translucent milky interiors. A nice affordable and attractive Adamite from this most incredibale locality. This can be trimmed to a pair of thumbnails but we like it as is.

stock #16.1-737
Aouli. Midelt, Khenifra Province
Meknes-Tafilalet Region, Morocco
5.3 x 3.2 x 2.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $390

An above average bright yellow Fluorite from Aouli (Morocco). The matrix between the yellow cubes is also Fluorite but a red-orange color and not well crystalized. The matrix gives a very nice color contrast to the main crystals. In very good condition, the corners and edges of the Fluorites are sharp and well-defined. A crack is noted on the largest crystal, it is not repaired and is all natural with no sign of damage. Found about 5 years ago, this has a different look from more recent finds.

Wurtzite, Bismuthinite and Quartz etc.
stock #6.2-842
Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang County, Chenzhou Pref.
Hunan Province, China
5.2 x 4.3 x 3.2 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $750

A well-formed Wurtzite crystal cluster on a complex multi-specie specimen from the amazing Yaogangxian Mine. The specimen has several Quartz crystals that are partly coated with Muscovite and sprinkled with metallic hairlike crystals of Bismuthinite. The Wurtzite is mostly seen in a 2.2 CM diameter cluster of stacked brown-red crystals that have a bright luster. In some photos these look silvery metallic due to the reflections on the surface but in hand the color is typical dark brown to almost black. Wurtzite from Yaoganxian is a very rare specie, this is the largest and best we have seen and is exceptional for the locality.

Grossular with Heazlewoodite, Clinoclore and Gold!
stock #AX-16-431
Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos
Qu├ębec, Canada
5.3 x 3 x 3 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $1500

An important and exotic piece from Jeffrey Mine, this has the deep green gemmy Grossular (so called Chrome Grossular) scattered on a matrix of Clinochlore etc. This alone is not so exotic or important, but both Heazlewoodite and native Gold are. While this is an attractive specimen of brilliant Garnets, the main interest (for some) is several very well-formed, sharp tiny crystals and clusters of Heazelwoodite. Seen with magnification these are textbook sharp, of course this is a rare mineral worldwide and very rare at Jeffrey. But what makes this even more important is only seen starting at 40 X magnification and best revealed at 80-100x. There are several tiny but distinct crystals of Gold some of which are elongated. Of course this is all micro sized but super-rare and impossible to find material from this world-class locality. Aside from the exciting micros, the overall esthetics of the bright green Grossular is attractive in its own right. Unfortunately our photographs at very low magnifications can not show the micros properly, but they may be rephotographed later on with specialized gear.