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Olivenite with Chenevixite - vintage, antique
stock #23.FC-010
Wheal Gorland
Cornwall, England
6.6 x 5.3 x 2.6 CM (cabinet)
price: $1350
Spring 23

A very fine, old (1816) classic British specimen that is very well-crystalized. The Wheal Gorland Mine began working in 1792, it became an important source of great Cornish mineral specimens in the early 1800 era. The Olivenites on this specimen are sharp, lustrous dark crystals that are in clusters and ball-like groupings. It also has some contrasting yellow Chenevixite (this is the type locality for the specie) which makes a nice contrast. Based on the habit, crystal quality and matrix, this specimen seems to be from the early workings of the famed Mutrell Lode which was later absorbed into the Wheal Gorland proper. The 1816 date on the label also gives this some support to this guess, this was the most productive period of these workings. The matrix is very typical of other confirmed Mutrell specimens, but there is no way to make absolutely certain of this. No matter the exact shaft and workings, this is a very fine Gorland specimen in excellent condition, with a very esthetic form. Superb antique piece for lovers of mineral history, classics, Cornish or Copper minerals!

Quartz var. Amethyst "finger"
stock #23.1-354
Sidi Rahal, El Kelaa des Sraghna Province
Marrakech-Tensft- El Haouz Region, Morocco
9.3 x 7.8 x5.1 CM (cabinet)
price: $600
Spring 23

An unusual but very attractive Quartz specimen from the remarkable lava flow at Sidi Rahal (Morocco). This is a section of a pocket that was lined with sparkling small Amethyst crystals. The main interest however is the finger or tower-like growth that stands up from the rest, and is also covered on all sides with Amethyst crystals. In fine condition and attractive on all sides. This is from an unusual pocket found in 2016. We have not seen other such pieces on the market since.

Rhodochrosite pseudo after Barite crystals
stock #8.AE-777
Manuelita Mine, Morococha District, Yauli Province
Junin Department, Peru
11.1 x 11.3 x 3.7 CM (cabinet)
price: $700
Spring 23

An attractive and really unusual Rhodochrosite from this interesting mine in Peru, in a small find more than 20 years ago, rather different in style from the other Rhodos found there. The matrix is like a layer cake of Sulfides and Rhodo with the top layer well-crystalized. This shows well the shape of the original prismatic Barite crystals some of which are standing on edge. There are also a few "cylinders" or tubes which are noted in this find. The Barite is completely replaced, this is now all Rhodochrosite with the outer surface composed of tiny, sparkly crystals. The color on this specimen is more vibrant and redder than other pseudomorphs I have seen, an attractive piece.

Elbaite - unusual California tourmaline color
stock #AX-7-181-(144)
Himalaya Mine, Gem Hill,Mesa Grande District, San Diego County
California, United States
2.7 x 1.2 x 1.1 CM (thumbnail)
price: $640
Spring 23

A sharp and unusual gem Tourmaline from old finds at the famed Himalaya Mine. Ex Larry White collection, which he obtained in 1964 with two other Himalaya Tourmalines, but this was the only one with this color. We usually see the pinks and some yellow-greens but this mint green to bluish color is very uncommon. The condition is excellent, the termination complete and with fine transparency, this is nearly all facet grade Tourmaline. Better in person.

Mercurian Tetrahedrite - var. Schwazite
stock #16.1-716
Brixlegg, Schwatz area, Inn Valley, North Tyrol
Tyrol, Austria
7 x 5.1 x 4.8 CM (cabinet)
price: $390
Spring 23

Schwazite is the old name for this rare Mercury-rich Tetrahedrite, from the classic type locality of Schwaz (Austria). This is a well-crystalized specimen of the variety, something almost never seen in the market. Most of the large crystals are in very good condition, though there is some broken bits as seen but minor and forgivable in this fragile specie. The biggest crystal is large for the variety at 1.6 CM across most others are about 1 CM. Recently the name for this specie is proposed to become Tetrahedrite Hg, but for now and for over 100 years it has been Schwazite. Classic, rare and far better than average.

SOLD Orpiment - well-crystallized with minor Picropharmacolite
stock #SOLD AX-15-210
Shimen (Jiepiayu) Mine, Shimen County, Changde Prefecture
Hunan Province, China
4.9 x 3.5 x 3.3 CM (miniature)
price: $0
Spring 23

Choice red to orange crystals, free standing on this Orpiment specimen from early finds at Shimen (China). Ex Shields Flynn collection, with his label, this is in fine condition and has some especially sharp terminations showing prismatic form. Very nice display impact despite the miniature size, the elongated habit of this style of Shimen Orpiment are quite distinctive and unlike other localities.

Barite (Baryte) - classic British
stock #21.1-293
Frizington, West Cumberland Iron Field
Cumberland, Cumbria, England
5.2 x 1.8 x 1 CM (small cabinet/ large miniature)
price: $550
Spring 23

A sharp and lustrous single crystal of yellow-green Barite from the famed Frizington area (Cumbria, England). This area consists of several mines for both Iron and coal which were worked for centuries. Great Barites were being collected and traded worldwide by the late 1700 era. These are now classics in the mineral world. The yellow color was best known from the Parkside Mine but it was found in several other workings as well. This specimen does not have a mine specified for it (that detail was very rarely provided long ago when these were found, in recent times many old pieces were given mine attributions, often these are guesses). No matter the exact shaft this come up from, the crystal is in excellent condition, mostly gem clear, classic in form and far better in person.

Goethite - unusual locality, Chinese
stock #7.AE-486
Nanping, Hechi prefecture
Guangxi Province, China
16.7 x 10.4 x 8.3 CM (cabinet)
price: $440
Spring 23

Large cabinet sized cluster of stalactitic Goethite in a sculptural three dimensional array. In very good condition, this looks fine on all sides, there is a noticeable iridescence in some places and a matte sheen overall. This is an early specimen found over 20 years ago in one of the early waves of Chinese minerals to be exported. Unusual esthetics and presentation. There is nothing like this now in the Chinese mineral market.