February 2, 2020

Here we are in Tucson! Our annual list of events includes our new venue at the Mineral City show where we are in the newest building ("C") which allows us to display a lot of minerals. Our space is a showroom with 16 cabinets full of treasures..

The main show will open as always in a week. We will share a booth with Cal Graeber and Leonard Himes. The show theme this year is "world class minerals" so the exhibits and dealer offerings should be exceptional. We hope to see as many of opur freinds as possible. Please do come tound to say hi! Lots of new finds are cropping up, we will be adding some of these to the website as time allows. Our latest major aquisition is a small but superb collection of classic minerals. These are now on display in room C13 at Mineral city. Please note that the mineral city is a confusing place, several separate buildings and more than 50 dealers. Our new home is best found on Plata street, behind the origibnal Mineral city building on Lester. Hope you can come!